The Tactical Pilotage Chart (TPC) is the standard worldwide medium-scale aeronautical chart series. The TPC and other aeronautical navigation and planning charts provide essential cartographic data appropriate to scale, and are overprinted with stable aeronautical information such as obstructions, aerodromes, special use airspace, navigational aids, Maximum Elevation Figures (MEFs), and related data.

CONTENT: Cartographic data with aeronautical overprint depicting obstructions, aerodromes, special use airspace, navigational aids and related data.  Because of scale, some features, including obstructions, are generalized in developed regions (only the highest obstruction within ticked area or urban quadrant is shown). A Military Grid is overprinted for interoperability, especially in regions of no JOG coverage. 
MEDIA: Paper chart
FILE FORMAT: Large sheet (105.7cm by 146.1cm) aeronautical chart 
AREA COVERAGE: All navigationally significant land masses worldwide. Generally, four TPCs are associated with each Operational Navigation Chart (ONC). TPCs may substitute for larger scale products when the larger standard scale provides no appreciable increase in detail. 
APPLICATIONS: Designed for very low-altitude (below 500 feet above ground level) through medium-altitude high-speed visual and radar navigation. Also used for mission planning/analysis and intelligence briefings, and are source for navigational filmstrips, special purpose, and cockpit/visual display products.

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