Expelling Jaswant Singh from his party BJP proves that this party does not believe in the freedom of expression in India . Jaswant Singh is absolutely right that Jinnah was not the only person responsible for the Holocaust of 1947 Partition of India and there were other people also responsible for it

The fact is that the English Imperialists after the Second World War wanted to dismantle their worldwide empire and establish a friendly group of Nation States to which they later named as ‘Commonwealth’ to use them economically, politically and militarily.

In their scheme while withdrawing from India they wanted to keep their presence in the area to check the advancing communism from USSR and China down to India so they used Muslims to demand an independent homeland . Thus soon after the creation of Pakistan they got a large territory initially on 20 years lease near the Russian Border where they established a military base . It is a well known fact that once the Russians had shot down a U2 Spy Plane flying from this Pak base spying over their territory.

It is also an historical fact that Jinnah was a Nationalist and Congress Party supporter. Because Jinnah was not given prominent role in the Congress, he fell a prey and English lured him to be the first President of an independent Nation. Had Nehru and Gandhi offered him to be the first Prime Minister of India Jinnah would have made Muslim League in effective and worked for the United India. But Nehru and Gandhi did not give way .

It is now wrong to say that Jinnah alone was responsible for the Partition Holocaust . In fact all those people who signed the Partition agreement without consulting the people of India are equally responsible for the Holocaust. Had they refused to sign the agreement, the British alone would have not been successful in dismantling India the way they did.

Historically all the following people are responsible for the Partition Holocaust :-

(1).Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru ,

(2). Vallab Bhai Patel, and

(3). Achariya Jiwat Bhai Kriplani

who signed on behalf of the Congress i.e., for non Muslim people under the blessing of (4) Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi.

(5).Mohammad Ali Jinnah,

(6) Liaqat Ali Khan; and

(7) Abdul Rab Nishter

who signed for the Muslim League on behalf of the Muslim people.

(8) Sardar Baldev Singh

who signed on behalf of the Sikhs .

(9) Lord Atlee who engineered the scheme in the British Labour Party, and

(10) Lord Mountbatten who signed for the ruling English imperialists.


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