The Indian Foreign Service [IFS] is a Central Service and the premier
diplomatic service of our country. Members of the IFS, primarily represent the
country in the international arena. The Indian Foreign Service deals with the
country's external affairs, including diplomacy, trade and cultural relations.
It is responsible for the administration and activities of Indian missions
abroad, and for the framing and implementation of the Government's foreign
The service offers immense exposure to different political, social, ethnic
and cultural milieu. An I.F.S officer can be posted in 160 odd Indian Embassies
and Missions abroad. They can also be deputed to institutions like United
Nations, UNESCO, World Bank, SAARC, etc. Back home, they can be posted in
various parts of the country as Passport Officers.

Even though many toppers at the civil services exams opt for the IAS, with
limited vacancies the IFS is also a tough service to get. With India and Indians
going global, this is the service which holds a lot of promise and glamour.

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