The IAS (Indian Administrative Service) was formally constituted in
1947, and is the premier service in India. It offers an attractive and
challenging career. Fame and glamour are also associated with this service. Even
though most people tend to think being the DM or Collector is the most powerful
and glamorous post, The IAS holds power at all levels. It is the service that is
meant to place people straight at the top of any government organization and not
the district alone. inspite of all the political interference if you are a
determined person and diplomatic you can achieve anything for your country.
The IAS or the Indian Administrative Service, handles affairs of the
government. At the central level, this involves the framing and implementation
of policy. At the district level, it is concerned with district affairs,
including development functions. At the divisional level, the IAS officers look
after law and order, general administration and development work. Members of the
Indian Administrative Service hold various administrative posts like District
Collector, Heads of Departments, Heads of Public Enterprises at the state level
etc. They can also be posted on deputation to the Central Government to various
Being an 'All India Service', it follows the Cadre system. In this system
officers are allotted to various state cadres and your service is allotted to
that state. So for all practical purposes you belong to that state service and
may be deputed elsewhere but you'll always be recognized by your parent cadre.
These systems though very useful tend to positively and negatively affect
careers. The cadre system is allotted on a basis of lottery and the toppers of
each state may get a chance to get their home states if they have opted for such
a preference.

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