• Books for IAS
    The IAS exam is a marathon and not a sprint and in this long journey of at least 12 months, you need to equip yourselves with the right magazines and books for IAS to ensure success in the Civil Services exam.... 
  • What is the IAS Exam
    IAS or Indian Administrative Service Exam is probably one of the toughest exams to crack in India. In fact as per one survey the IAS Exam is the second most difficult exam, after the French Civil Services...
  • New IAS Syllabus from 2011 Prelims or CSAT
    IAS Preliminary Exam is all set to change from 2011 onwards as the new syllabus has been published and is available on my Civil Services blog. So what are the changes in the civil services prelims from 2011?... - 7 months ago
  • Learn How to Prepare for IAS Exam
    Preparing for IAS requires combination of smartness and hard work. One without the other is incomplete and inadequate. If you want to prepare for IAS you need to devote at least one year minimum to studying... 
  • IAS Exams Interview Questions and Tips
    The civil services IAS interview conducted by the UPSC is not just another interview. Many people consider it THE interview to clear. Scoring well in the IAS interview requires a combination of knowledge,..

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