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respected sir,
This is prathima.student of m.tech.sir i have some doubts regarding some issues and specially my path of going.i mean in my career and how to do works without any deviation.sir i am not fully exposing to you in my 1st mail but i need some guidelines not only in m.tech ,even in developing myself in such a way that i should participate in developing the nation as a great IAS officer.i have aim and desire but what i feel is that the steps which i am taking were not that much effective. and i am not able to satisfy myself for doing this why because i know i am not that much doing to reach my aim.reasons are so many but i believe that reasons are not cause for faliure and if i show those are reasons to my failure then i am not a effecient person to serve the people....so sir please guide me in such a way to become a part of nation.i know civil services is not a easiest thing but so many are cracking that exam why cant i ???like this so many questions are arising in my mind ....

sir i hope little bit i am exposed to you and you are giving reply to my mail.

sir small request this is personel mail .so please dont mention my name in lecture hall.i hope you understand my position.

thanking you sir,
yours obediently,

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