One of my Girl Student from Ananthapur
    (she gave me food during my visit for lectures in ananthapur)
    Attended my two-full day Leadership-Development Session.....

    Straight after BTech walked into IAS Coaching in Hytderabd.
    Not wasting time in MNC / Job / etc..
    IAS training is a serious affair..
    It is more that JOB / Class.
    Have to get into it..
    No time pass / movie / no play / no music / / no games / JUST serious..
    IT is a LIFE making ..
    It has to be the Dream..

    I am glad ..
    I had another from Ananthapur/INTEL was keep on IPS and again walked straight from BTech class to IAS coaching centre..

    MNC is a BIG TRAP...
    people take salary and enjoy..
    THEN the aim and plan in LIFE gets diluted..

    One studnet who came for MS abroad reference ..
    I turned into IAS ..
    he left his US dream and is in IAS Coaching Centre

    Two from ARURA are into IAS coaching centers soon after BTech..
    I am glad..
    Only a few are like thsi out 1000s who heard me !!!!!

    No Dr.Sasikumar can make a difference.. not to all....

    A student who can easily crack IAS with effort..
    Wanted to Get to MS abroad..
    Not due to subject Interest..
    Else have to get married / parent's pressure for marriage...

    Many dont know what to do..
    CAT / MAT / GRE -- hanging around options..
    say I will work few years and then do MTech / MBA..
    Nothing happens..

    They will marry another MNC
    Then dyne out
    Enjoy movie.

    make FAMILY..

    It needs courage to DREAM HIGH..
    Reach HIGHER..

    Poor Youth..

    A rare notes at times that some one is into these higher dreams and serious into that and will soon be leading this great nation..
    That leaves a Happy NOTE...
    It is true this IS NOT FOR all..
    Not all are TRIMMED for this HIGH Profile JOB....

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  • Sasikumar Drtps I have few students who are attending my HP - Shiksha - EFIL

    I teach them importance of Communication.
    They don't Communicate to me even

    When I ask why ?
    They say I thought sir, may be busy....

    Not many ask why Session is missing this SUNDAY?
    they don't care if sessions happens or not !!

    Some one has to call them and invite all week ends..

    I will wait for students around me....
    Who are eager
    Who will ask me
    Why no class?
    When is next Session?
    Where is next Session?
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  • Sasikumar Drtps LIKE is the bad option in FB.
    It is easy to do that.
    BUT difficult to write comment and read and understand the content
    Respond positive....
    or write specific criticism....
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  • Pranay Kumar ths post may be eye opening for those who are aiming for higher levels in the society.....................
  • Sasikumar Drtps i am seeing no serious comments .. if this would have been a picnic pic .. there would have been many comments and likes.. POOR YOUTH !!
  • Aditya Kashyap I aspire to be a part of the Indian Civil Services, sir.. and I want to do it whilst am working.. It is a challenge, & I accept it and want to go beyond it.
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  • Durga Anusha One can surely crack it even while being in job, when he/she has following qualities:

    will Power
    Burning desire
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  • Durga Anusha Strong Determination will take us to reach the Great Destination CIVIL SERVICES.... and I believe in "Where there is a will, there is a way" strongly.... I aspire to be part of All India Services...
  • Sasikumar Drtps HARD / SMART Work...
    Time Spend
    Good team around
    Nice Coaching
    Good trials
    all these are to be FOLLOWED BY DESIRE (else it will just BURN)
    With Job cool.. with all the other enjoyment
    may be able to reach in 2nd / 3rd TRIALS.
    Full concentrated / focused / dedicated effort can do it fast / first effort ..
    Hope WISE THOUGHTS prevail in YOUTH..

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